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From the counseling office
The counseling staff at Yerington High School is pleased to offer their services to the students and parents of YHS. We are here to assist students with:

Scheduling Classes
College and Career Readiness
Crisis Intervention
National, State and District testing

Feel free to contact us

Todd Hunt

Faviola Zendajas - Registrar
Diploma type credits
An error was found in the curriculum guide regarding the number of credits needed for an advanced diploma. Currently the board policy is being adjusted and reviewed to reflect the needed changes. As soon as it is approved the necessary changes will be made. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Course Curriculum Guide

2 months ago

Yerington High School
Curriculum Guide

 2019 - 2020


Yerington High School
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2019 - 2020

Dear Students and Parents:


            This course catalog lists the courses that will be available at Yerington High School (subject to change without notice) for the 2019 - 2020 school year.  The course description gives a brief overview of the courses.  Those who would like more detailed information are encouraged to speak with the counselors or the teacher who will teach the class.
Prerequisites for courses indicate what you must have had before you can take a particular class.
Before you choose your courses for the year, be sure you have noted the graduation requirements.  The counselor, teachers, and administrators are available to answer any questions you may have in this area.
Select your courses carefully!  Class offerings are determined by your registration.  Changes in your registration for classes will be allowed only for extenuating circumstances and with parental consent.
Students moving into the area will register either during the summer months or when they move into this area.







Yerington High School has been providing a quality educational experience for the students of Mason Valley for over eighty years.  It is a small school, but offers its students a variety of academic, occupational, athletic and social programs in order to meet the developmental needs of the whole person.

Yerington High School is accredited by the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges.  Credits and diplomas are recognized and accepted by learning and business institutions across the nation.

Notification of Title IX Grievance Procedure
Notification of Sexual Harassment Complaints

The Lyon County School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in any of its policies, procedures or practices, in compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (pertaining to race, color, and national origin); Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972 (pertaining to handicap), and the Age Discrimination Act of 1975.  As a student of Yerington High School, you are protected from sex discrimination, as well as sexual harassment.


If you believe that you have been discriminated against on the basis of sex, race, color, national origin or handicap, or that you have been the victim of sexual harassment, you may register a complaint that your rights have been denied.  This complaint may be filed with the principal at Yerington High School.

Possible Expenses Incurred During The School Year Are As Follows and are subject to change without notice:

1.             Student Body Card - Required for all participants in extra-curricular activities - $20.00         
2.             Annual yearbook of the school - $50.00
3.             Art Classes - per semester - $20.00
4.             Intro. To Auto – per semester - $20.00
5.             Auto Mechanics - per semester - $20.00
6.             Ag. Mechanics - per semester - $20.00
(Students will be required to have coveralls and gloves in certain agricultural classes - approximate cost - $25.00 - $35.00)
7.             Wood Shop - per semester - $20.00
8.             Emergent Technology - per semester - $20.00
9.             Computer Graphics - $20.00
10.           Drafting $20.00
11.           Spanish - $20.00 per year
12.           Horticulture $20.00 per semester

There may be other fees that are not listed here.

INSURANCE - Available for all students, but MANDATORY for all students who participate in inter school athletic events, unless covered by other accident insurance.  Cost varies from year to year.  All operating policies of the District pertaining, but not limited to, the instructional program, the student services program, learning resources services, and the employment of all professional, classified, and student employees, specify such non-discrimination.  All matters of alleged discrimination should be referred to the principal.

Yerington High School (Lyon County School District), is a four year high school accredited by the Northwestern Association of Schools and Colleges.  The enrollment is approximately 400 students.  The school year is divided into two semesters with the semester grade being a cumulative summary of the semester work.  For each semester class a student receives a passing grade in, they are awarded 0.5 credits.  A four point grading scale is used:  A-4, B-3, C-2, D-1.  Honors and AP classes will receive higher credit. For the graduating classes of 2020 and 2021 the following shows requirements.

Following are minimum credit requirements for a Standard Diploma and the Advanced Diploma .

Standard Diploma                                   Advanced Diploma-GPA of 3.25

English                                 4.0                           English                               4.0          
Mathematics*                    4.0                           Mathematics*                   4.0
Science*                              3.0                           Science*                             3.0
World History/Geog          1.0                           World History/Geog         1.0
US History - 11th grade    1.0                            US History - 11th grade  1.0
U.S. Govern - 12th grade  1.0                            U.S.  Gover - 12th grade  1.0
Humanities                         1.0                           Humanities                        1.0
Economics                             .5                           Economics                           .5
Physical Education            2.0                           Physical Education            2.0
Lyon County requires 2 credits P.E. for                             
Graduation.  One of which must be regular PE.                      
Computer Use                     .5                           Computer Use                   .5
Health                                   .5                           Health                                 .5
Electives                              4.5                           Electives                             6

Credits                              22.5                              Credits                        24.5


For the classes of 2022 and beyond the following are the graduation requirements:

Standard Diploma                                   Advanced Diploma-GPA of 3.25

English                                 4.0                           English                               4.0          
Mathematics*                    3.0                           Mathematics*                   4.0
Science*                              2.0                           Science*                             3.0
World History/Geog          1.0                           World History/Geog         1.0
US History - 11th grade    1.0                            US History - 11th grade  1.0
U.S.  Govern - 12th grade 1.0                           U.S.  Gover - 12th grade  1.0
Humanities                         1.0                           Humanities                        1.0
Economics                             .5                           Economics                           .5
Physical Education            2.0                           Physical Education            2.0
Lyon County requires 2 credits P.E. for                             
Graduation.  One of which must be regular PE.                     

College and Career Ready                                College and Career Ready

Flex credit                            1.0                          Flex credit                          1.0

Computer Use                     .5                           Computer Use                   .5
Health                                   .5                           Health                                 .5
Electives                              5.5                           Electives                             5.5

Credits                              23                              Credits                               25



The following are classified as college preparatory classes and help meet the University of Nevada system requirements:

Language Arts                                                                                                         

Social Studies

English I or Honors

  U.S. History                                                                                       

U.S. Government
English II or Honors                                                                                                               
English III or The AP courses listed below                                                                             

World History/Overview
English IV or AP Literature and Composition or AP Language and Composition    Economics


Algebra I                                                                                                                   Chemistry I
Geometry                                                                                                                 Integrated Science
Algebra II                                                                                                                  Proficiency Science
Algebra III                                                                                                                 Environmental Science
Pre-Calculus Honors                                                                                               Physics - Honors
Calculus Honors                                                                                                      Anatomy and Physiology Honors


General Computer Applications

(Students who plan to attend a college or university are reminded that the minimum requirements are 4 years of English; 3 years Social Studies; 1/2 year of Computers; 3.0 credits of Mathematics (including Algebra I, Algebra II and Geometry) and 3.0 credits of Science (including 1 general Science and 2 lab Sciences)).

The University of Nevada system does not require a foreign language as an entrance requirement, but many majors within the system do require a foreign language.

Special Scheduling Information

1.             Students who are not enrolled full-time, may be on campus only during scheduled class times.

2.             All seniors must be enrolled in a minimum of five (5) classes; the fifth class can be on a release basis for work experience through the cooperative program.

3.             As mandated by the State of Nevada, students will be required to pass a proficiency test in reading, writing,  mathematics and science.


High School Graduation – Special Education


Students enrolled in special education programs will be granted a standard diploma upon successful completion of the high school required credits of study and passage of the High School Proficiency Examination.  The educational needs of these students may require specially designed instruction, environment, or modifications in the format and administration of the Nevada Proficiency Examinations.  Those students who are unable to pass the High School Proficiency Examination shall be granted an adjusted diploma upon completion of all graduation requirements as outlined in their Individualized Education Program.  The requirements will be different from those for a standard high school graduation diploma since the educational needs of these special education students require specially designed graduation requirements in addition to specially designed instruction and environment.  The standards of proficiency required shall be outlined in the student’s Individual Educational Program.  The student must have 22 1/2 credits accrued.



Correspondence Courses


Credit for correspondence courses shall be granted toward graduation only when a student has received the written approval of the high school principal in advance of taking the course:

1.             Courses for graduation must be initially taken on campus.  Should a student want to repeat this course through correspondence, he or she may do so upon written approval of the high school principal.
2.             The maximum allowable credits earned outside of the high school program toward high school graduation are four (4), including university courses, community college courses and correspondence courses.

Early Graduation


  1. The Board of Trustees will not accept any modification of the four-year attendance requirement for high school graduation unless the student has satisfactorily completed all requirements as set forth by the Lyon County School District, the Nevada State Board of Education, and have the recommendation of his/her principal and counselor, the written consent of the legal guardian, and review and approval of the Associate Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction and the Board of School Trustees.
  2. The student who chooses to follow a modified program will not be allowed to participate in school activities following withdrawal from regular attendance.
  3. Students who choose to follow a modified program will make application for early graduation to the Associate Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction to be approved by the Board of School Trustees prior to the second semester of their sophomore year.  Any exception to the procedure must be reviewed and approved by the Associate Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction.



Academic Load Requirements

  1. Students in grades 9, 10, and 11 must be enrolled in a minimum of seven (7) courses.  Students in grade 12 must be enrolled in five courses or the equivalent of five periods per day, one of which may be work experience (Co-op).
  2. Students must have achieved 10th grade status to take the 10th grade Proficiency Exam, 11th grade status to take the 11th grade Proficiency Exam and 12th grade status to take the 12th grade Proficiency Exam.
  3. A student’s status as a member in a given class is determined by the number of credits the student has earned as specified below:


In order to qualify as a:                                                           The student must have earned:

Sophomore (10th grade)                                                           5 credits (1 each in English, Math,
and Science).                          

Junior (11th grade)                                                                   11 credits (2 each in English, Math,
and Science).          

Senior (12th grade)                                                                   17 credits.               

4.             The school principal or his designee shall evaluate the transcript of a student who transfers into the school from a school outside the school district to determine his status under the requirements of this policy.
5.             A student who has not earned the minimum number of credits in a given year to attain the status of a member of the next grade in the following year, as defined by this policy, shall be deemed “credit deficient.”
6.             A student will be allowed a maximum of four consecutive school years from the time he enters the ninth grade to complete all requirements for a high school diploma in the comprehensive high school setting.  Students who do not complete the graduation requirements within this time limitation and intend to continue their education must withdraw from the comprehensive high school and enroll in the Adult Education Program.


College Classes

 High school students  can take interactive video classes on the “FAST TRACK” program and receive dual credit (college and high school credit).  This means they can take distance learning traditional classes for $25.00.  This is the total consolidated fee.

Those students who have never before attended WNC will need to fill out an application, which is available from WNC.  They must pay an additional $15.00 application fee.  This is a one-time fee charged only first time students.

High school students are automatically Nevada residents and will never be charged non-resident fees.

High school students must get a High School Authorization form from the Coordinator in their area and have their high school principal sign it.  Only the principal – and no one else in the school – may sign this form.

Lyon County has arranged to offer high school credit for the following class.  English 101 and 102 (in lieu of English IV).  You may contact the county office for a complete list.

To register for a class with WNC, students must first fax their completed application and permission to attend forms to Fallon at 423-8029.  At that point students can TTTR (Touch Tone Telephone Register) their registration for the class.  They will need a special “call number” reserved exclusively for high school students so they can take the class at the reduced Fast Track rate.  This number can be obtained by seeing the college coordinator in their area or by calling the Yerington Center Office at 463-2412 or the Fallon campus at 423-7565.  Students must have a copy of the TTTR form which appears in the class schedule that should arrive at their homes several weeks before the semester begins.  This form or a copy of the class schedule can also be picked up at the college office in their area.   The Fallon campus will also be most happy to help.  They can be reached at 423-7565.

WNC credit earned by taking Fast Track and many other classes is transferable to the University of Nevada and, thus, too many other schools as well. 


Courses and Departments


Computer Education
General Computer Applications

Fine Arts
Creative Art – Comprehensive I,II,III
General Band I,II,III,IV
Jazz Band I,II,III,IV
Chorus I,II,III,IV


Language Arts/Foreign Language
English I
English I  - Honors
English II
English II - Honors
English III
English III – Honors
English IV
AP Literature and Composition
AP Language and Composition
Spanish I,II


Algebra I
Algebra II
Consumer Math
Essential Math

Occupational Education – Agriculture/Welding
Agriculture – Science  I,II
General Horticulture
Ornamental Horticulture
Metal Working

Occupational Education – Graphics/Woods
Computer Graphics
Woodworking I,II,III
Business – Coop I,

Occupational Education – Accounting
Office Management

Occupational Education- Health Services
Health Science
Medical Terminology
Pharmacy Technician
Dental Assistant
Certified Nursing Assistant

Physical Education
Physical Education I,II,III,IV
Weight Training I,II, III, IV
Health Education

Integrated Science
Biology I
Chemistry I – Honors
Physics – Honors
Anatomy and Physiology
Proficiency Science

Social Studies
World History
U.S. History
U.S. Government
Modern World History

Tutoring Practicum
Office Procedures






Computer Science I                                                                              Grades 9, 10, 11, 12                                                               
½  credit                                                                                                   Fulfills state, county, and UNR entrance

This is an introductory state required class that includes MS Word (word-processing), MS Excel (spreadsheets) and MS Access (database).  The student will begin the semester by learning touch-keyboarding techniques so they are typing with correct posture and fingering, which will increase their speed.




 Contemporary Band I, II, III, IV  (Jazz Band)                                         Grades 9, 10, 11, 12                                               
½  credit per semester                                                                                              Prerequisite:  Must be a member of the
General Band with audition and instructor
approval.  Fulfills 1/2 Humanities
requirement per semester
Fee: $20.00

The Contemporary Band is a group of students selected from the Concert Band by audition and need, based on standard jazz ensemble instrumentation.  Jazz studies add an additional musical challenge and enrichment for the more interest student thus providing a well-rounded education in music performance.

Chorus I                                                                                                Grades 9, 10, 11, 12                                                                          
½ credit per semester                                                                                               Fee: $20.00
Fulfills 1/2 Humanities requirement per semester

Discover your voice in this exciting choral performance class.  Yerington High School Choir offers an opportunity to sing various styles of music as well as learn about tone production, intonation, sight singing, music theory and rhythm.  Audition and permission of the instructor is required.

Chorus II                                                                                                Grades 9, 10, 11, 12                                                               
½ credit per semester                                                                                               Fee: $20.00
Fulfills 1/2 Humanities requirement per semester

The Madrigal Choir is a group of students selected from the Concert Choir by audition and need, based on 16 member SATB format.  Students will represent the school through performances in the community as well as concerts and festivals.  All styles and forms of music from the 11th century through the present will be studied and performed.

General Band                                                                                Grades 9, 10, 11, 12                                                               
½ credit per semester                                                                                               Fee: $25.00
Fulfills 1/2 Humanities requirement per semester

This course is offered to beginning and former instrumental music students wishing to become involved in the Band program.  Permission of the instructor and an audition is required and students will have to provide their own instrument to participate in this class.  Individual and group instruction will be offered at the different levels of capability to ensure student success in the Band program.

Guitar                                                                                                      Grades 9, 10, 11, 12
1 credit                                                                                                    Fee: $25.00

This Guitar course will cover the study of reading both notation and tablature, simple chords, strumming and finger picking. The class will use only acoustic guitars. A small lab fee will cover the materials and maintenance.



Creative Art Comprehensive I                                                                   Grades 9, 10, 11, 12                                                               
½  credit per semester                                                                                              Fee:  $20.00
Fulfills Humanities requirement

A basic art course to enable students to experiment and explore with a variety of media.  Students will be exposed to the areas of drawing, painting, 3-D design/sculpture, careers, pottery, art history/appreciation and productions.



Creative Art Comprehensive II,III,IV                                                        Grades 10, 11, 12                                                   
½  credit                                                                                                   Fee:  $20.00
Prerequisite:  Art I
Fulfills Humanities requirement

Art II expands upon previous art courses, which further instructional exploration in the basic areas of drawing, painting, 3-D design/sculpture/jewelry, commercial art, pottery, productions, and art history/appreciation.




English I (or Honors)                                                                                               Grade 9 - Graduation requirement                                          
1 credit                                                                                                                                                                   

English I is a two-semester program of study in the basics of grammar and written composition.  Emphasis will be placed on grammar, vocabulary, spelling, sentence structure, and descriptive paragraphs.  Literature terminology will be studied through selected short stories, poems, dramas, and a novel.  The honors class requires additional work.  Students must have instructor approval to take honors.

English II (or Honors)                                                                             Grade 10 - Graduation requirement                                        
1 credit                                                                                                    Prerequisite:  Successful completion or
Concurrently taking English I
A two semester course in which the student enriches his skills in grammar, usage, mechanics, spelling, and vocabulary to make him a more effective writer and speaker.  The student will also be exposed to a variety of world authors.  The honors class requires additional work.  Students must have instructor approval to take honors.

English III (or AP Honors)                                                                            Grade 11 - Graduation requirement                                        
1 credit                                                                                                    Prerequisite:  Successful completion or
concurrently taking English II

This is a one- year course that includes a review of grammar, usage, and mechanics.  Student will be required to participate in public speaking and composition exercises.  The honors class requires additional work.  Students must have instructor approval to take honors.

English IV (or AP Honors)                                                                            Grade 12 - Fills graduation requirement  
1credit                                                                                                     Prerequisite:  Successful completion or
concurrently taking English III

A one-year course designed to complete the study of English for the non-college bound student and to prepare the college bound student for further study.  Students study usage to develop a mature writing style in addition to studying diction and vocabulary.  Students will develop reading and research skills.  The honors class requires additional work.  Students must have instructor approval to take honors.


AP English Literature and Composition                                                   Grade 11 and 12 Honors course
Prerequisite: Teacher permission

Designed to parallel college-level English courses, AP English Literature and Composition courses enable students to develop critical standards for evaluating literature. Students study the language, character, action, and theme in works of recognized literary merit; enrich their understanding of connotation, metaphor, irony, syntax, and tone; and write compositions of their own (including literary analysis, exposition, argument, narrative, and creative writing).

AP English Language and Composition                                                   Grade 11 and 12 Honors course
Prerequisite: Teacher permission

Designed to parallel college-level English courses, AP English Language and Composition courses expose students to prose written in a variety of periods, disciplines, and rhetorical contexts. Emphasis is placed on the interaction of authorial purpose, intended audience, and the subject at hand; students learn to develop stylistic flexibility s they write compositions covering a variety of subjects and intended for various purposes.



Literature (American)                                                                                               Grades 9, 10, 11, 12
½ credit                                                                                                    Prerequisite: none

Literature courses offer the opportunity for students to study and reflect upon the themes presented in the body of literature being presented. Students improve their critical thinking skills as they determine the underlying assumption and values within the reading selection, and as they understand how the work reflects society’s problems and culture. Oral discussion is an integral part of literature courses and written compositions are sometimes required, often with and emphasis toward college preparation. Literature courses may survey representative works, reflect a particular genre or a specific theme, or survey works of a particular time or people.

English Composition                                                                               Grade 12                                                                                   
½  credit                                                                                                   Counts as an Elective credit only

English Composition is a one-semester course to prepare the college bound student for freshman level university writing classes.  The student will begin with the expository paragraph and conclude with a critical essay.


English Proficiency                                                                                  Grades 11,12
½ credit per semester                                                                                               Prerequisite:  Not passing  the Reading or Writing Exam

A remedial English class to help prepare students to pass the Reading and Writing Proficiency Exams.

Speech and Debate                                                                                  Grades 9 – 12
½ credit

Debate courses offer students the opportunity to learn how to employ oral skills in formal and informal situations. Logic and reasoning, research and analysis, organization of thought and supporting materials, argumentative style and skill, and effective presentation of one’s voice and  body are developed through forensics courses. Often linked to an extracurricular program, students learn the methods, aims, and styles of the debating events (formal debate or Lincoln-Douglas) Participation in competition is encouraged, but not always required.

Creative Writing                                                                                       Grades 9-12
½ credit

Creative writing classes offer students the opportunity to develop and improve their technique and individual style in poetry, short story, drama, essays and other forms of prose. The emphasis of the class is on writing, although exemplary representations and authors may be studied to provide a duller appreciation of the form and craft. Although most creative writing classes cover several expressive forms, others concentrate exclusively on one particular form (such as poetry or playwriting).




*Spanish I                                                                                                               Grades 9, 10, 11, 12                                                               
1 credit                                                                                                      Prerequisite:  None
Fees $ 20.00 Per year (covers arts and food)          

This course will provide students with the ability to begin to speak, read, write, and listen in Spanish.  It will emphasize an understanding of other people and their customs.

*Spanish II                                                                                              Grades 10, 11, 12                                                                   
1 credit                                                                                                    Prerequisite:  Pass Spanish I with a C average or better
Fees $ 20.00 Per year (covers arts and food)

This course reviews the Spanish I goals and objectives.  The second year student will understand the present, progressive, preterit, imperfect, future, and conditional tenses.  This course will also develop insight into understanding Spanish speaking countries, the people and their customs through history, cultural reading, films, tapes, guest speakers and any other resources available.  This course should also enable the student to communicate in everyday situations.



Pre-AlgebraGrades 9, 10, 11, 12                                                               
1 credit                                   

This course provides students with an introduction to the skill required to successfully complete Algebra I.  Some of these skills include manipulation of positive and negative numbers, using formulas to solve problems, exponents, graphing and solving simple algebraic equations.  For four year college entrance requirements students would also have to complete Algebra IB.

*Algebra  I                                                                                              Grades 9, 10, 11, 12                                                               
1 credit                                                                                                    Prerequisite:  Teacher recommendation

This is a one year course designed to teach the fundamentals of elementary algebra.  This course lays the foundation of knowledge and skills needed in subsequent college preparatory mathematics courses.  The major topics of study are:  real numbers and the properties of real numbers; field properties; linear equations and inequalities including systems; graphing; representing real world relationships; polynomials; factoring; square roots; quadratic equations; and problem-solving.  Throughout the year, students will be expected to develop the ability to reason and communicate mathematically, apply learned concepts to new problem-solving situations and exhibit increased confidence in their ability to solve mathematical problems.

*Algebra II                                                                                              Grades 9, 10, 11, 12                                                               
1 credit                                                                                                    Prerequisite:  Successful completion of Algebra I and Geometry.
Permission from teacher required if you have not had Geometry

This is a one year course which strengthens and expands the techniques and concepts learned in elementary algebra.  This course will strengthen the student's problem-solving and computational skills in preparation for advanced mathematics courses.  The major topics of study are:  equations and inequalities; relations and functions; systems of equations and inequalities; matrices; polynomials and polynomial functions; irrational and complex numbers; quadratic equations, relations and functions; rational functions; exponential and logarithmic functions; sequences and series, and probability and statistics.  Throughout the year, students will be expected to continue to develop the ability to reason and communicate mathematically, apply learned concepts to new problem-solving situations and exhibit increased confidence in their ability to solve mathematical problems.


 *Geometry                                                                                              Grades 10, 11, 12                                                                   
1 credit                                                                                                    Prerequisite:  Algebra I           

The primary focus of this one year course is the development of deductive reasoning skills.  Additional major topics of study are:  axioms, postulates and theorems; plane geometric figures; right triangles; constructions; inductive reasoning; congruence and similarity; proportion; dimensional geometry; and probability.  Students will also review algebraic techniques, work on realistic problems and modeling, and use of technology as much as possible throughout the year.  Students will also be expected to continue to develop the ability to communicate mathematically, apply learned concepts to new problem-solving situations and exhibit increased confidence in their ability to solve mathematical problems.  This course should be completed by the end of the student's sophomore year for college bound students.

*Pre-Calculus  Honors                                                                                             Grades 11, 12                                                                         
1 credit                                                                                                   Prerequisite:  Geometry & Algebra II

This is a two semester college preparatory course which includes trigonometric functions, proofs and identities, inverse functions, triangle trigonometry, complex numbers, sequences, series, vectors, analytic geometry, conic sections, logarithms, polynomial equations and functions.

*Calculus Honors                                                                                  Grade 12
1 credit                                                                                                    Prerequisite: Pre-Calculus Honors

This is a two semester course which consists of a full high school academic year of work that is comparable to calculus course in colleges and universities.  It is expected that students who take an AP course in calculus will seek college credit, college placement, or both, from institutions of higher learning.  This course represents college-level mathematics for which most colleges grant advanced placement and/or credit.  The AP Calculus course is devoted to the topics in differential and integral calculus.  Both of these topics are the focus of the AP Examination questions.  This class is highly recommended for the college bound student.

Essential Math                                                                                         Grade 11, 12
½ credit per semester                                                                                               Pre-requisite: Not passed the proficiency exam

This course is designed to help prepare those students who have not yet passed the math proficiency test to retake the exam.

*  Recommended for the college bound student.



Two (2) credits in physical education are required for graduation.  One of which must be regular P.E.

Physical Education I                                                                                                Grades 10, 11, 12                                                                   
1  credit

Beginning to intermediate fitness levels.

This is a two semester course where emphasis in regular physical education classes is placed on developing physical fitness and skills in and knowledge of a variety of team and individual activities.  Attention is given to a carry-over value for later life.

Physical Education II,III                                                                         Grades 11, 12                                                                         
1 credit

Beginning to intermediate fitness levels.

This is a two semester course where emphasis in regular physical education classes is placed on developing physical fitness and skills in and knowledge of a variety of team and individual activities.

Weight Training I, II ,III                                                                          Grades 10, 11, 12                                                   
1 credit                                                                                                                                                                                   

Intermediate to Hard fitness levels. Previous Cardio fitness is emphasized and expected.

This is a two semester course designed to increase strength and flexibility, and cardio-vascular improvement.  Grading method: strength improvement in both upper and lower body lifts; performance and dedication to the program.


Health Education                                                                                     Grades 10, 11, 12                                                                   
½ credit

A one semester course which provides the student with opportunities to develop knowledge, attitudes, and practices necessary to meet the present health needs of themselves and society, and  to develop concepts of health which will be functional in the future.  It includes a review of body systems, information on available health services; importance of preventive rather than remedial action.  An emphasis will be placed on the human development/family life unit, including male and female anatomy, birth control methods, sexually transmitted diseases, and issues concerning pregnancy.



Biology                                                                                                    Grades 10, 11, 12                                                                     
1 credit                                                                                                    Graduation Requirement                                            

A two semester course designed to provide the student with knowledge about the processes that characterize living things from the cell through the biosphere.  This course introduces students to the relationships that exist between living things and the environment and explores the strategies they have evolved to enable them to survive.  Topics covered include such things as genetics, cellular biology, metabolic processes and ecology.  Lecture and text material are accompanied by lab investigations, including dissection.  Biology satisfies the science entrance requirement to many colleges and universities. The honors course requires additional assignments.  Students require instructor approval for honors.


Physics                                                                                                      Grade 12                                                                                
1 credit                                                                                                    Prerequisite:  Successful completion
of Geometry & Algebra II

A two semester course of general physics mainly taught by the lecture-discussion-demonstration approach with some laboratory activities.  Topics to be covered are classical physics, energy, gas laws, force, motion, vectors, mechanics, heat waves, sound, light, lasers, and the atom.  This class will be offered every other year (e.g. 2001, 2003, 2005, etc.)


   Chemistry I                                                                                                                Grades 11, 12                                                                         
1 credit                                                                                                    Prerequisite:  Algebra I, Geometry
or Algebra II

A two semester course in general chemistry.  The class will be taught through lecture-discussion-demonstration and laboratory experiences.  The student is expected to research and study on his own.  Topics to be covered are atomic structure, laboratory techniques, molecules and formulas, metric system, scientific notation, naming inorganic compounds, chemical equations, periodic classification, halogens, advanced atomic structure, electrochemistry, mole concept, acid and bases, equilibrium and solubility, organic chemistry ad qualitative analysis.

Environmental Science
1 credit                                                                                                    Prerequisite:  Integrated, Biology

This is a one-year science course during which the students will learn and analyze the ecosystems, the human population, renewable resources, energy, pollution and prevention, and the relationship between economics, public policy and the environment. Students will master the present, well-established scientific principles and concepts that form the knowledge base for and understanding of our interaction with the natural environment. In addition, the students will be actively engaged in inquiry labs and research to become well informed, critical thinkers that utilize scientific method to solve problems and form opinions.


Integrated Science                                                                                   Grade 9                                                                   
1 credit                                   

This lab science class will acquaint students with important concepts from Earth, Space and Physical sciences.  Students will learn basic lab techniques as well as data collection and interpretation.  Basic science concepts will be taught such as atomic structure, geologic forces, etc… that are critical to one's success in later science classes and the High School Proficiency Exams.


Anatomy and Physiology Honors                                                                             Grades 11, 12
1 credit                                                                                                    Prerequisite: Biology

This is a two semester course that will provide the student with an understanding of comparative vertebrate anatomy.  Each body system is studied for its structure and for the physiological processes which regulate it.  The course concentrates on human anatomy and physiology.  Various vertebrates are used as dissection specimens to illustrate the structural similarities and evolutionary relationships they share with humans.  Students do a variety of experiments including dissections of whole animals and animal parts.


U.S. History                                                                                             Grade 11                                                                                 
1 credit                                                                                                    Graduation Requirement

This is a two semester course covering the history of the United States from the beginning to the present.  Emphasis is placed on studying the past in relation to the present, and cause and effect of certain incidents in our history.  The history textbook will be used as a source of information.  Students are expected to take notes given by the teacher.  Reading assignments are given, followed by questions from section surveys.  Grades may be improved by doing extra credit work related to American History such as written reports, projects, and oral presentation.

U.S. Government                                                                                      Grade 12                                                                                 
1 credit                                                                                                    Graduation Requirement

A two semester that studies American Government. It covers the relationships among local, state and national governments.  Emphasis will be placed on contemporary examples of governments in action.  Mini units will also be studied, including economics, inflation, law-related education, income tax, and many other units intended to help seniors cope with post graduation life in the United States.  A variety of methodologies will be incorporated, including lecture, discussion, multimedia, inquiry, research, practical application, and diagnostic/prescriptive materials.


World History I Overview                                                                         Grades 9 or 10                                                                        
1 credit                                                                                                    Graduation Requirement

World History is a two semester course covering the history of man from prehistoric times to the worlds of Africa and the Americas.  Daily quizzes can be expected and a test will be given at the end of each major unit.  In addition, a term project will be assigned which will weigh heavily in the semester's grades.

Economics                                                                                                               Grade 12                                                                 
½  credit                                                                                                   Graduation Requirement

In this course, students will prepare for some of the life skills required during and after high school.  The course will include such personal financial skills as budgeting, checkbooks, savings, income taxes, use and misuse of credit and shopping skills for needs and wants.  The student will learn career preparation to include:  recognizing your job market potential, how to find jobs, how to apply for jobs, how to interview, how to keep and update your portfolio.  This is just a brief listing of the topics to be covered.


Modern World History                                                                              Grades 10, 11, 12

½ credit
A one semester course that provides an overview of the history of human society in the past few centuries. First semester will emphasize World War II and the second semester will emphasize the Vietnam Era. It will explore political, economic, social, military, scientific and cultural developments.


NOTE:  Enrollment in the following agriculture courses, including Agri-science, Horticulture, and Ag Mechanics will include membership in FFA.  Since FFA is an integral part of all agricultural courses, instruction in FFA history, degrees, leadership, SAE’s (projects), and record keeping will be a part of instruction in Agri-science, Horticulture and Ag Mechanics.  Also remember that to be an FFA member you must enroll in an agriculture course.

General Horticulture/Intro to Horticulture                                                                Grades 9, 10, 11, 12                                                                                                                                                                                               Lab Fee:  $20.00
Prerequisite:  None.

General Horticulture is primarily a lecture-based class that serves as the foundation class and the prerequisite for advanced horticulture classes.  So, what are your going to do in this class if you decide to take it?  You will learn about the horticultural industry, from floral to landscaping and everything in between.  Specific subjects covered include plant anatomy, environmental requirements of plants, plant propagation, greenhouse management, integrated pest management, growing plants in containers, using plants in the landscape, irrigation, turf grass, vegetable gardening, fruit trees, floral design and careers in the horticultural industry.  In the labs you will learn how to start plants from seeds and cuttings, how to transplant and repot plants, and how to make floral arrangements.  This class is for guys and girls who want to know more about the greenhouse, nursery, and floral industries.  You will even be able to use knowledge gained in the class when growing plants for your home, landscaping a home, or planting and maintaining a vegetable garden.   THIS COURSE DOES NOT QUALIFY FOR SCIENCE CREDIT.

Animal Science                                                                                                       Grades 11, 12                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Fee: $20.00 per semester

This will be a full year course with an emphasis on animal production; this means cattle, rabbits, birds, fish and any other animals we can bring into our lab in a productive way. You will be exposed to all different aspects of animal production to include but not limited to; anatomy, physiology, histology, endocrinology, reproduction, feeds and feeding, digestion, genetics, meats, selection, records, FFA, leadership and records.  You will be expected to be a self starter and budget your time between classroom and lab. We take a lot of pride in our new lab facilities and our company approach lets you get in and be a part of the action as an equal player. Research and how to make money in your project area will also be a big part of this class. This is one class you will have a say in.  This class will be available for science credit.

Please Read Note
Prerequisite:  Ag Comprehensive I or teacher approval.

Agriculture Science I, II                                                                           Grades  9, 10, 11, 12                                              
Fee: $ 20.00 per Semester                                                       

These classes are designed for the continuation of Agriculture education in a tiered or escalating format. Each level introduces more advanced concepts and materials that build on the foundation of the Introduction to agriculture class and each class that follows. You will be studying traditional as well as non-traditional forms of Agriculture to include but not limited to crops, animal science, horticulture, floriculture, aquiculture, hydroponics and aquaponics. The company concept of the class lets you be a player in a class where you are part of the organization and daily functions of the class. Research and how to make money in your project area will also be a big part of this class.




Furniture and Cabinet Making I                                                                              Grades 9, 10, 11, 12                                                               
½  credit                                                                                                   Fee:  $20.00

The Woods program is designed to provide students with fundamental technical skills in cabinet and furniture production and exploratory skills needed for pattern making.  Students are provided with opportunities to develop and refine employability skills and enhance applied mathematical skills and problem solving abilities. This course satisfies a humanities credit.


Furniture and Cabinet Making  II,III                                                       Grades 10, 11, 12                                   
½  credit                                                                                                   Fee:  $20.00

Courses II and III  are  courses designed to broaden the student's skills in the woodworking fields through limited construction, cabinet making and maintenance projects.  Grades are based heavily on participation and successful completion of course objectives. This course satisfies a humanities credit.                                                                                                               

Metal Working                                                                                         Grades 9-12
1 credit                                                                                                    Prerequisite: Teacher permission

Metalworking courses introduce students to the qualities and applications of various metals and the tools used to manipulate and form metal into products. Through one or more projects involving metals, students develop planning, layout, and measurement skills; gain experience in cutting, , bending, forging, casting, and/or welding metal; complete projects according to blueprints or other specifications; and may learn to polish and finish metals. Correct use of metalworking tools and equipment is stressed.


Computer Graphics                                                                                  Grades 10, 11, 12                                                                            1 credit                                                                                                            Instructor approval required
Fee: $20.00 per semester
Prerequisite: Computer Applications and
Emergent Technology               
Instructor: Approval Required
Computer Graphics is a two-semester course.  This course is an informational technology course.  In Computer Graphics students will produce digital imagery and apply computer graphic techniques to various fields, such as advertising design, video editing, digital photography, image retouching, multi-media, 3-D animation, web page design, and desk top publishing.  This course will also introduce students to basic electronics, computer maintenance and network systems.  Students will be set up in work groups to accomplish projects that will include but not limited to school web page, tah-neva wrestling tournament brackets, athletic courtesy passes, and school posters.  Students will be using a variety of computer software and production equipment that will include vinyl cutters, digital video equipment, plasma cam, digital cameras, and a variety of printers and plotters.  Students need to be self-directed in setting goals and time management to meet deadlines.  This course will be self-directed learning and will require extra time for special training and project completion.

This course fulfills a Humanities credit.

Note: Computer graphic students are encouraged to be Skills USA-VICA members and to compete in the state skills contest in their respective skills area.

Business Co-op                                                                                        Grades 11, 12                                                                  
½  credit                                                                                                   90 hours of instruction = 1/2 credit

Business Coop is a one semester course of work experience.  Students should preferably have an outside job when entering the class.  The student is encouraged to enroll in a course corresponding to their employment. Students employed under this program will be required to maintain an average of 15 hours of work per week.  Enrollment is by instructor approval (Mr. Hunt) only.



Accounting I                                                                                            Grades 9, 10, 11, 12                                                               
1 credit                                                                                                    Prerequisite:  Teacher permission

This class is designed to introduce the students on how to complete financial journals, ledgers and statements for a business.  The students also learn payroll techniques and how to reconcile bank statements.  The student will also complete business simulations by hand and on the computer.  This is a good class for those students going into the working world and for those planning to go into any business type field.  This course satisfies a humanities credit.





Yearbook                                                                                                 Grades 10, 11, 12
½ credit/ semester
It is the job of the staff members of the yearbook to design one of the most valuable, memorable concepts for all students of Yerington High School covering the entire year.  Every event, every student, every location, every accomplishment, every thing existing within these walls will be covered as best as possible on an every day basis.  Throughout this class, you will learn about page layout and design, publishing, journalism, photography, and business skills. Being a member of the staff is an awesome responsibility, but by the end of the year, you have produced a book that is valued by the students, faculty, and community. If this sounds like fun, then the yearbook class is the place to be!




Office Procedures                                                                                     Grades 11, 12                                                                         
½ credit per semester                                                                                              Prerequisite:  Approval from teacher and

Student must apply to the office, using a form provided by the counselor, and gain approval of both the counselor and office administration.  Students must have shown good attendance for the previous semester.  There is a limit of three office aide or teacher aide credits for the four high school years.  You may not have more than 1 office or teacher aide position in each semester.

Tutoring Practicum I, II                                                                           Grades 11, 12                                                                         
¼  credit per semester                                                                                                                                                             

Tutoring practicum provides the student the opportunity to offer assistance to teachers, peers or younger students.


7 months ago

Yerington High School


Please Note: * = undergraduates may apply.

Note: If you believe that you will qualify for one or more of the listed scholarships, please visit the YHS counseling office for more information.


Pony Express

Due: 7th


Far West Agribusiness Association

Senior pursuing a degree in agriculture

Mailed and Received by: 31st

Western NV Cattle Women

Senior pursuing a degree in agriculture

Mailed and Received by: 15th


Seniors attending UNR

3.5 min GPA, two years of sports, community service

Mailed and Received by: 24th

Tzu Chi

Online application submitted by: 3rd

Supporting documents postmarked by: 3rd

NV Agricultural Foundation

Due: 15th

Italian Catholic Federation

Received by: 15th

United Federal Credit Union

Must be a member

Due: 31st

NV Agricultural Foundation

Pursuing Higher Ed in Agriculture

Reno Rodeo Foundation

Due: 15th

Greater Nevada Credit Union Scholarship Program

Attending a post high school institution.

Must be member or parent/guardian must be a member.

Mailed and received by: 31st





Dependent or Grandchild of a LCEA Member

3.0 min GPA

Postmarked Before: 1st

Nevada Classified School Employees Association

Parent/Guardian must be a Lyon County Classified Member

Due: 24th

Joshua L. Anderson Memorial Foundation

A Good, hardworking, ambitious student that has participated in a HS baseball/softball program.

Based upon financial need, academic performance, extracurricular activities, and furthering their education.

Due: 7th

American Indian Education Fund Scholarship

Student or one parent enrolled and able to provide documentation: Native American, Alaska Native, or Native Hawaiian.

Due: 4th

Dini’s Lucky Club Scholarship

2.5 GPA or higher, post-secondary school

General Form

Due: 1st

American Legion Scholarship

Vernon E. Wyatt Post #9

Direct Descendant of a U.S. Veteran

Mailed & Received By: 15th

N. Nevada Women’s Golf

Senior girl who participated in golf.

3.0 GPA and higher

Mailed & Received By: 15

NV Telecommunications Scholarship

U.S. Citizen

Minimum 3.0 GPA

Postmarked Before: 15th

Guild Scholarship

Senior accepted to UNR

General Form

Due: 25th

Aiazzi Scholarship

Senior accepted to UNR

Financial Need

General Form

Due: 25th

Savitt Scholarship

Senior accepted to UNR

General Form

Due: 25th

Barrick Gold Scholarship

Parent/Guardian must work for Barrick Gold

Due: 14th

City of Yerington College Scholarship

Citizenship, Leadership, Community Involvement

Two letters attesting the applicant’s qualification (cannot be from teachers, school officials or related to the student).

Two letters from teachers or school officials regarding achievement and involvement.

Due to the counseling office: 21st

Simone Driskill Scholarship

General Form

Due: 12th

Hope Lodge #22 Masonic Scholarship

Community & Volunteer Activities

Any accredited college

Due: 25th

Women’s Golf Scholarship

Member that participated in Zone

Due: 27th


Robert Z. Hawkins

Financial need, 3.0 GPA or higher, school contributions

General Form

Due: 1st

Visionary Scholarship Program

Due: 1st

Pioneer Crossing Casino Scholarship

3.0 GPA and higher

Must be accepted at a NV higher education school

Essay (maximum of 500 words) on plans for college/community college.

How will this scholarship help you reach your goal?

Where do you see yourself in five (5) years?

General Form, Due: 1st

Jerry Ogolin Memorial Scholarship

100 word minimum essay on how you exhibit good morals, strong character, past accomplishments, & future goals.

General Form

Due: 1st

Desert Fish swim Team

Swimmer for 3 years

GPA 2.5 or higher

General Form

Due: 1st




Holly Family Italian Catholic Organization

Senior who is a dependent or a grandchild of HFIC member in good standing.

General Form

Due: 1st

Alvin Matheus Memorial/Portuguese Scholarship

Portuguese descent, potential growth as a student, merit of student

Due: 1st

Financial Horizons Credit Union

Senior or parent must be a member

General Form

Due: 1st

Don Chidwick Memorial Scholarship

Senior, GPA 3.0 or higher

Parents/guardians must be an active exempt or retired member in good standing (Yerington Volunteer Fire Department)

Community service, goals, accomplishments

Due: 1st

Ronnie Banta Memorial Scholarship

Senior wrestler going to any college

Leadership, team player, good GPA, accomplishments

Essay: what does wrestling mean to you?

General Form

Due: 1st

Tom Scririne Memorial Scholarship

Participation in Baseball senior year

Strong character traits, good grades & citizenship

Admission into any accredited college

Recommendation from varsity coach

General Form

Due: 1st

Manuel Barcellos Memorial Scholarship

Academic achievement, community service

Excellence in athletics, financial need

General Form

Due: 1st

Michael Hardesty Memorial/Vocational Scholarship

Seniors planning to study in the fields of vocational education

(such as welding, mechanics, etc..)

General Form

Due: 1st

Malcolm Rountree Memorial Scholarship

3.0 or higher GPA, senior attending a 4 year accredited institution

Pursuing a degree in science, math, engineering, and or technology

General Form

Due: 1st





John Giomi Memorial Scholarship

Senior attending a 2 year college

2.0 or higher GPA

Academic standing & financial need

General Form

Due: 1st

Rotary Scholarship

Senior attending a 4 year accredited institution

High academic standing

Financial need will be considered

General Form

Due: 1st

Mike Lommori Scholarship

3.0 or higher GPA

Attending any higher educational institute

Involved in athletics

General Form

Due: 1st

Yerington Lions Club Scholarship

Enrolling in any higher education institution

Community service & volunteerism

Essay on involvement with community volunteer work & other

General Form

Due: 1st

Nevin Nez #44 Basketball Scholarship

Senior attending any post-secondary

4 years of HS basketball

2.0 or higher GPA, Financial Need

Essay: what basketball means to me.

General Form

Due: 1st 

Ralph Albert Coburn Scholarship

Senor attending any higher education institution

Financial need – tax information

Grades, honors, work experience

Due: 1st

Use the General Form for the following scholarships – all are Due: 5th  

·         Vivian & Walter Cox: B or C GPA

·         Ricci-Menesini & Schendel: Medical interest get preference.

·         Adam G. Johnson: Occupation relating to animals or wildlife.

·         Leonard & Ruth Fox: Essay – reason for use of scholarship.

·         John Crow Memorial: Future goals & use of scholarship.

·         Ken Hawkins Memorial: Major in science, technology, or computers.

·         Addie B. Hood: Financial need, why is an education important?


 Buck Lively Scholarship

NV legal resident

Essay: who are you and how did you decide your field of study?

Mail by: 24th

Josh Farler

Great Citizenship in school and community.

Outstanding family values.

HS involvement in sports, academics, community service.

Application & General Form

Due: 5th

Chester Smith Sr. Memorial

2.5 GPA or Higher

Furthering your education, participated in sports, community involvement.

Application & General Form

Due: 5th

PEO Scholarship for Women

Senior female student, volunteer in community, caring attitude for others.

Essay: educational goals, plans & how going to finance college.

Due: 5th

Mason Valley Moose Lodge

2.0 or higher GPA

Trade school or 2 year college may only apply

Future plans

Due: 5th

The following is a list of possible scholarship websites. This is not a complete list, but serves as a good starting point and is subject to change without notice.


*Scholarships for Hispanics
*Scholarships for Hispanics
*FastAid Scholarship Search
*UCLA Scholarship Search List